Lucid Future Initiative – Africa (LFIA) is a non-profit organization with dedicated efforts and commitments towards the youth focusing on the three major themes of Climate Change and Sustainability, the Environment and Governance. LFIA is based in Ghana and channels its effort to see to the excellent growth, progress and rise in the wellbeing of the youth on the entire African Continent through our outlined focus areas and themes.

The organization seeks to ensure that planet earth is protected and continuously made as habitable as possible in the wake of a lot of environmental issues for the next generation by conducting research, analysis and advocacy, as well as undertaking projects and formulating policy documents that contribute to mitigating climate change, protecting the environment, and delivering optimum sustainable development; whilst engaging the youth in the process, to provide opportunities for their growth and progress.

LFIA believes with the right avenues made available for the youth, and with keen concentration on providing solutions for climate change, espousing a green environment and sustaining these essential interventions, a brighter future will be made possible to the benefit of all interrelating components of the earth in no time. This defines and underpins our focus, strategy and work.

Our work is mainly Donor funded and therefore to achieve our set goals, targets and objectives in greater benefit to the environment, the youth and our livelihoods on planet earth, we humbly implore any benevolent persons, institutions, or entities kind and willing to donate towards this cause of action relative to climate change, sustainability and the environment to please reach us through any of our contact details being: or +233 (0) 303 941 128 or kindly fill this short form to enable commence discussions on prospective support, grants or donations in this regard. Many thanks in advance as you consider the idea to keep the climate, the environment and planet earth safe and protected.