Resource Hub

Research constitutes one of the main elements of our work. This serves as the process where we uncover new material and add to existing knowledge on topics and activities relevant to our work themes and focus areas.

Below are attached research reports undertaken in line with our work-streams:

Advocacy Campaigns forms a central part of the work we do. We go all out in espousing key elements of our work and analysis to the benefit of our target audience and the continent at large to contribute to seeing positive changes in Climate Action and Sustainability, the Environment and Governance. PLASTOGREEN is our flagship advocacy campaign which sensitizes on plastic reduction, reuse and recycling. Others are being refined and positioned to be embarked on in no time.

Attached are comprehensive details on our advocacy and sensitization efforts.

LFIA undertakes analysis of policy documents from any and every sector they emerge as far as they align with our themes and focus areas. This work effort provides for the granular breakdown of complex policy issues and documents which require demystification and enhanced detailing and explanation for our audience and the continent. We continuously remain committed to this endeavor and have as follows a gamut of work output in this regard.