Towards a Green Environment: Promoting the Reuse of Plastic Waste to Mitigate Climate Change


This activity involved an engagement with the pupils of a selected school, which was Cradle Star Basic School in this case, a school located at Madina, Accra. The pupils were taken through a workshop which included a theory and practical demonstration session. First, the pupils were introduced climate change, its effects and the factors that have increased the rate of climate change. Next, they were educated on the menace of plastic waste and its contribution to climate change. Following this, the concept of the circular economy was introduced to the pupils, particularly, the principle of the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). Finally, the pupils partook in a practical session where we planted flowers and other shallow rooted plants in plastic bottles. The entire session was very interactive and we gifted the school two barrels (to collect plastic waste), one pack of bin liner, eleven nursed flowers, two tshirts and refreshment.


  1. Educate and create awareness on climate change and the detrimental effect of plasticwaste on our climate.
  2. Imbibe a culture of plastic waste segregation mechanism in the school.
  3. Promote the creation of a green environment through the reuse of plastic waste materials.


Knowledge: The target group gained knowledge on the impacts of climate change and the contribution of plastic waste to climate change. This outcome was achieved as the pupils understood the things we taught, answered questions and asked questions as well, to which answers were provided.

Policy: The target school agreed to incorporate plastic waste segregation in their schools’ policies. Cradle Star Basic school has agreed to actively segregate their plastic waste we are still in conversation with the recycling company which would start collecting segregated plastic waste from the school when they return from their vacation.

Behavioural: The project positively influenced the attitudes of the target groups towards proper plastic waste management. As far as our engagement is concerned, the pupils were ready to inculcate the plastic waste management principles we introduced them to, also, to serve as a reminder, the pupils were given some posters which they would paste in their classrooms to
remind them of the lessons they learnt from the engagement.

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